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Meet Robert Kleeger

Robert Kleeger is the Founder and Managing Director of Digital4nx Group, Ltd., a boutique firm which offers regional digital forensics services aka "Digital Autopsy's" using proprietary methods and various technology tools to recover active and deleted information off computer systems and other electronic devices. On a national level, the firm provides Proactive Cyber Security services such as “Ethical Hacking”, a service where they attack a clients network and computer systems using real-world tools and techniques in order to find security weaknesses.

Robert Kleeger has almost two decades serving the legal services industry and nearly a quarter century in providing consulting solutions and professional services. Robert has a broad background in various litigation matters and is focused on assisting clients prior to filing a complaint. By providing expert technical consultation with efficient and cost-effective digital forensic investigations, early case assessment, Incident Response services relating to data breaches and e-discovery services. Mr. Kleeger assists attorneys, business owners, general counsel, human resources, and IT professionals in their handling various types of litigation and legal disputes in both the federal and state courts.

In addition, Mr. Kleeger routinely provides guidance to clients on litigation hold preparation; working with clients to identify the locations, custodians and methods of storing electronically stored information; preparing plans for electronic discovery in litigation; coordinating the preservation, collection and extraction of potentially discover-able ESI; preparing discovery requests and responses; and working with litigation teams to efficiently review and analyze documents for production and trial preparation.

Mr. Kleeger is often involved in early case assessment (“ECA”) services for clients, which involves:

  • the proper identification,
  • preservation,
  • analysis, and;
  • interpretation of electronically stored information

These efforts have helped provide appropriate leverage to result in settlements and resolution of hundreds of matters in a cost-effective fashion. Mr. Kleeger has extensive experience with criminal and civil matters in diverse areas including:

  • Data Theft
  • Restricted Covenants
  • Non-Competes
  • Employment Matters
  • Discrimination Claims
  • Sexual Harassment Matters
  • Theft & Piracy of Intellectual Property
  • Embezzlement & Financial Crimes
  • Frauds
  • Bankruptcies
  • Class Action Litigation
  • Toxic Tort Matters
  • SEC/Securities violations and litigation
  • Domestic matters, and;
  • Various Commercial Litigation

At Digital4nx Group, Mr. Kleeger oversees the data collection, forensic analysis, reporting and testimony involving electronically stored information. In addition, he routinely provides routine duties such as evaluating client needs, scoping projects and oversee a team of Security Engineers who successfully perform ethical hacking assessments, penetration tests, code audits and overall security related assessments.

Mr. Kleeger regularly lectures on issues regarding digital investigation and the production of electronically stored information to law firms, associations, and other business professionals. Additionally, he frequently speaks on cyber security and incident response practices companies can expect after a data breach occurs.
  • Kleeger was involved in many other conferences & seminars in the Tri-State area as well as nationally. In addition, Mr. Kleeger has been featured on WNBC/NBC 4 News Channel New York and is an author and co-author of several published articles relating to ESI and e-discovery practices.
  • Mr. Kleeger is currently a co-founder and a member of the Steering committee of the NY Legal Resources Group, co-founder of the NJ Law Firm Resource Group, a membership committee member for the Bridges Development Network and the Ex-Officio of the NJ Chapter of INBLF - International Network of Boutique Law Firms.
  • Kleeger was selected to participate on an e-Discovery “Virtual Advisory Board” for The Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS).
  • Kleeger is a faculty member of
  • Kleeger was a 2013 Top 5 FurtherED AWARD recipient.
  • Kleeger is a former faculty member of the NJ Superior Court Judicial College of the Administrative Office.
  • Kleeger is a former faculty member of The Garden State Council of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).
  • Kleeger authored for the New Jersey Defense Association, “Strategies to Protect Employers from Claims Arising from Computer Misuse and Abuse and the Use of Digital Forensics as a Discovery Tool“.

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